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Limited Warranties

Air Division provides a warranty exclusively to the original Purchaser that covers Air Division products produced by Air Division and sold through authorized retailers. This warranty ensures that the Products are free from defects in materials and workmanship. If any such defects emerge during the 1-year warranty period from the date of shipment, Air Division will, upon prompt notification, opt to either repair or replace, at its expense, the affected part or parts or choose to offer credit note. The repair or replacement will fulfill Air Division’s commitment under the warranty, and it excludes any entitlement to compensation.

All Products

Any These Limited Warranties provide coverage to the original vendor and do not apply to rented, business, commercial, institutional, or other non-residential uses. These Limited Warranties do not apply to (i) merchandise that was, at any time, used as a floor sample or display model, (ii) any merchandise` purchased “as is” or second-hand, (iii) any merchandise purchased at a distress sale or a going out-of business sale, or (iv) any merchandise purchased from a liquidator. All warranties, whether express or implied, cover only normal household usage. No warranty, express or implied, applies to any condition resulting from misuse, abuse, delivery or transportation damage, nor any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance, cleaning or care.

Natural Material

Air Division uses natural material for its products, therefore natural variations that occur in wood, fabric, and leather should not be interpreted as defects. Air Division does not provide a guarantee for the colorfastness or the exact matching of colors, grains, textures of these materials.

Chemical Treatments

These Limited Warranties do not cover damages or defects caused by use of chemical treatments or protective coatings on the finish, leather, or upholstered fabric by the retailer or the original retail purchaser, and any such chemical treatments or protective coatings voids all warranties of Air Division.

Leather, Upholstered Fabric and Finishes

The Limited Warranties on “Leather’, “Upholstered Fabric” and “Finishes and all Other Furniture Products” do not cover (i) damages resulting from excessive soiling, improper or unapproved cleaning methods, (ii) fading or other damages resulting from exposure to sunlight, (iii) damages resulting from household humidity, or (iv) damages resulting from any liquid, including but not limited to alcohol and water.

Modifications to Products

These Limited Warranties do not apply to any products that have been altered by any person, dealer, or company without the express written authorization of Air Division.


No other express warranty has been made or will be made on behalf of Air Division with respect to the furniture and its parts, or the operation, repair, or replacement of the furniture and its parts. Furthermore, no representative of Air Division or its distributors or retailers is authorized to make any changes or modifications to these limited warranties.

In no event shall Air be responsible for consequential or incidental damages, such as loss of use, inconvenience, loss or damage to personal property, whether indirect or direct, and whether arising in contract or tort. In no event shall Air Division’s responsibility exceed the purchase price of the product or its replacement.