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Aviator Bed

Aviator Bed

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  • Dimensions:           214L x 174W x 78H (Queen Mattress 152×190)
                                214L x 205W x 78H (King Mattress 183×190)
  • Timber Option:       Teakwood, Black Walnut, White Oak
  • Finishing:     Natural Water Based Coating
  • Construction:         100% Solid Wood

About Aviator Collection

The design for Aviator is a look back to mid-century furniture with solid wood carpentry and high quality joinery playing major roles in each piece’s construction and craftsmanship,Inspired by early aviation’s use of wood in construction of aircraft.

The signature design elements of this collection are in the fine detail components, e.g. Finely shaped backrest profile based on a propeller blade, carefully turned legs on lathe machine by local craftsmen.