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It has been a very memorable 20-year journey for Air Division as its furniture brands continues to be recognized by people from all over the world,as one of the finely designed and expertly crafted pieces deriving from Asia.



Liner Sofa

Artistic flow of lines, light-weighted with modern simplicity and classic comfort, the liner collection re-enforced the modern home living room with smooth flow of eye-catching wood-made waves which are harmony to a chic and timeless home. Inspired by the lines of Ocean going Cruise Liners, the design is sophisticated and skillfully handcrafted by craftsman.

Crater TV Console

Aesthetically elegant, the Crater TV Console belies its simplistic outlook. Using high-end technology and processes to achieve the angular planes of the facade, the end result is truly a new and novel step into furniture design and manufacturing.

Ark Table

Inspired by construction of wooden ship hulls and carpenter's saw horses. The Ark table is constructed from Solid wood and a thick glass top. The design is strong and durable just like an Ark.

Furniture Leadership Award

Air Division was a 2-time winner in a row in the Asian Furniture Leadership Awards, one of the Asia's most prestigious furniture awards

President's Design Award

Air Division was the finalist for the prestigious Singapore President’s Design Award’s; Design of the Year.​