About Us | Air Division - Visionary producer of designer furniture
Furniture, solid wood furniture, designer furniture, teak furniture, walnut furniture
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The Story of Air Division

Founded in 1999, we are a highly developed, multifaceted award winning furniture design house with a clear and simple raison d'etre – to create good designs and quality furniture.

The concept of a perfectly designed home is open to challenge in this diverse world of inspirations, cultures and tastes. For a personal sense of space and the freedom to be who you are, we are passionate at being in the forefront of presenting good designs with these beliefs; from sleek urban lines, warmth and assurance enveloped in fine wood craftsmanship to luxury and sophisticated products.

At Air Division, we believe that design today should be used to improve the usefulness and aesthetic forms of objects to better serve people's needs. Hence our design approach is based on the sincere application of the fundamental qualities of good design: creative concepts, honest use of materials, intelligent production techniques, and exacting proportions all combined to achieve a holistic integrity for any product. 

We are proud of our belief and want to share it and our vision for design, living with you. Be inspired together with us.

We know you. We are AIR.